Garden 2016

Year two of our urban garden is in full swing.  So far we have harvested salad greens, jalapeños , bell peppers, salsa peppers, yellow squash & zucchini.


Here is a list of what’s in the raised beds this year:

Cucumbers: Ferry Morse Tendergreen Burpless (This is the last time I will try this variety. The yields are very low for us.)

Seed Savers Lettuce Mix

Baker Creek Straight neck Squash (heirloom)

Baker Creek Early Golden Summer Crookneck (heirloom)

Baker Creek Fordhook Zucchini (heirloom)

High Mowing Costata Romanesco Zucchini (heirloom)

Burpee Roma Tomato

Bonnie Mucho Nacho Jalapeno

Bonnie Pimiento

Bonnie Yellow Bell

Bonnie Garden Salsa Pepper

Bonnie Mammoth Jalapeno


Below are the 3 raised beds we installed last year.  I still need to mulch everything around the beds this season. I also want to start sheet mulching another area of the back yard before the real heat sets in. We have 3 weeks of soccer left and then my weekends should free up more to complete a few projects on the list.






cucumbers & tomatoes

peppers & lettuce

Next Week

Tomorrow is Makinlee’s last day of school for 9 days!  Easter break has arrived and I am thrilled.  Thrilled that she and I can fall into a rhythm that does not involve school.   There will be lots of work outdoors for certain.

Next week our fermented carrot “pickles” will be ready!

Will teach Makinlee more about Spring while outdoors enjoying it.

Will start my medicinal herb seeds now that I have room under the grow lights.

And at night I will start plowing through this stack of books. I love to read!

On the Kindle: The Raw Milk Revolution & The Untold Story of Milk.  I’m also reading The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series when I need to escape.