I am a 30 something wife to an oilfield junkie, mom to two beautiful daughters both conceived via fertility treatments (#1 IUI & #2 IVF).

Christmas 2012 we found out we are expecting a miracle.  I conceived naturally and our baby boy was born August 20, 2013.

I was born in North Louisiana  but I have lived abroad in South Korea and Dubai, UAE. We’ve traveled to a lot of beautiful places. Asia will always hold a piece of my heart.

We currently live in Houston, TX.

H and I have been married 16 years.  In those 16 years we have moved 12 times.

I love all things crafty.

I am addicted to fabric, food, Flickr, yarn, books, & Pinterest.

My garden is my therapist.

I am a PCOS and infertility survivor!

This is my story…