Garden Walk

Evening garden walk through…








Cilantro bolting is beautiful. I always allow my plants to naturally bolt. This brings in the beneficial insects and pollinators such as the Lady Beetle, Lacewings, bees, & butterflies. Also, free seeds! There is no better reward than to see bees and butterflies fluttering through the garden.








Our first strawberry of the season. I hope one of us gets to enjoy it rather than the slugs! I put sliced clementines around the perimeter of the strawberries to hopefully give the slugs something else to snack on.










Above is a new addition to the garden, Spanish Lavender. Unfortunately, I lost all three of our previously planted lavenders during the freeze.










The Common Chives are blooming! All of the chives in our garden I grew from seed. Each spring I’m so thrilled that they continue to flourish. The bees really love Chive blooms. Food for me and food for them!