Driving In Dubai

Driving in Dubai is no small task especially for those of us that are not familiar with roundabouts.  It also does not help that over half of the city is still under construction and I have yet to be able to exit off the freeway and drive right to the store I can see from the freeway.  Navigation systems work sometimes.  Combine all of that with the fact that I prefer to let someone else drive even at home and well I’m not a happy driver here. I can drive don’t get me wrong.  I got my license at 15 and have never been in an accident or received any kind of ticket or fine.  I’m a good driver.  In Dubai I am not a good driver but that makes me fit in perfectly.  There are idiots on the road.  Idiots that should not be allowed to have a bicycle much less a car.  Most of those are behind the wheel of a taxi. Throw in all the different nationalities and the fact that most of them do not have proper road system in their home country and you have a disaster.  Now that I finally have my Dubai Driver’s License and a car I have no excuse and H forces me out into the streets.

Dubai DL

It took me around 3 weeks to get this thing.  Dubai did not like Louisiana’s renewal system and refused to transfer the license.  After numerous trips between the RTA & the US Consulate I have them.  Since we only had one vehicle between us H did not waste any time finding a car for me.  I guess he was tired of the excuses.  We discussed what I wanted and I really could not make up my mind. I requested a tank that handled well.   After a few weeks this is what H brought home!

The Tank

It is an H3 Hummer and it is exactly what I wanted, a tank that handles well.  I love it!  Look out Dubai I’m on the roads now!