All Hail Camel Milk!!

When I became pregnant with Harper I decided I would do everything in my power to do things different this go round.  I planned for a natural VBAC & also planned to exclusively breastfeed.  I found a fabulous Dr that supported my VBAC and it happened just the way I wanted it.  It was wonderful.  She went immediately to the breast and everything seemed to come together.   Harper developed jaundice the day we were supposed to be discharged.  I was discharged but she had to go under the billi lights.  HL & I checked into a hotel next door and cried. We went back and forth between the hotel & hospital every 3 hours to nurse and hold our tiny 6lb 3oz baby girl. After we finally were able to bring her home it was heaven.  After 10 days or so things took a turn for the worse.  No matter how often I fed her or what I ate or didn’t eat she screamed in pain.  I eliminated all known allergens from my diet to no avail.  Days of screaming and little to no sleep turned into weeks.  After a while I decided to try formula. The first few days were great. We slept and there was little screaming. However, it didn’t last. The screaming, no sleep, & yucky stools returned. We switched formula and once again had a good period. That too did not really last but things did not get as bad as before.  We finally settled into behaviors we could handle with Nutramigen but we still were not sleeping and we still had yucky stools. The Drs suggested things like intolerance to protein, lactose & gluten, reflux, and other theories. However the screaming stopped with this new corn based formula. We stayed with this almost unbearable behavior for 6 months until we finally arrived in Dubai.  After we got over the jet lag we headed straight to an allergist pediatrician.  We immediately felt a calmness with him and trust which we did not have with our Drs in the US.  He explained allergies and intolerance and let us know right away Nutramigen could not be found in Dubai nor any other hypoallergenic type. Our only option was to try soy or camel milk.  After finding an incredible group Healing with Camel Milk on Facebook, reading all the information found there, & speaking to other moms who walked through this as well we decided to go with the camel milk.  Within 12 hours there were no yucky stools or reflux.  She slept! She didn’t scream! She tolerated solids! It was a true miracle.  She is so happy now and she is finally gaining weight.

Miss Harper

We are not out of the woods yet with her allergies or intolerance.  Last week she developed eczema so we now have to figure out the culprit.  We are however better and better is good and now the inside of our frig looks like this.

Camel milk

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  1. I just found your blog through Jessica’s and holy cow – you have an exciting life! My daughter is on Nutramigen and I half-joked that we were going to buy a goat to milk for her instead of giving her the formula. But camel milk? That is pretty fun – and how wonderful that it’s working so well! I’m excited to read more about your life in Dubai. Wow.
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