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I usually try to keep things organized.  I’m sort of a neat freak but it is certainly not something I am proud of.  It takes time away from my family at times and it takes time away from the things that I want to do like sewing or knitting or reading.  However, before I can sit down and relax with the family or sit down and knit things must be tidy. It’s a vicious cycle that haunts me.  I love that within the last few years there are websites that help the OCD type person that I am.  I absolutely love Paperbackswap and Ravelry to name a couple. Too bad there is nothing close for sewing supplies.  Today I am spending time sitting in front of the computer, going back and forth between my yarn and book stash to make room for new and get rid of the old.  I just finished updating my Bookshelf at Paperback Swap.  Go check it out and see if there is anything you need.  There is quiet the selection because HL and I differ drastically on what we each read.  He is more of a Dean Koontz & Stephen King guy and I’m more of the chick lit, Oprah’s Book Club, vampire romance junkie.  Okay, so basically I read anything that doesn’t scare the crap out of me like Koontz & King.  My best online friend, Chasley, is sending me the Sookie Stackhouse Vampire Series that True Blood is based on. Apparently, it’s all the rave after the beloved Twilight Series.  I’m currently reading Marked part of the House Of Night Series about a vampire finishing school but after Twilight it just doesn’t grab me but I’ve been told to hang on it will get better.  Oh and speaking of paranormal books & series I just found out about The Hollows Series by Kim Harrison.  This one is about witches.  That’s all I know about it but it doesn’t have awesome reviews at Amazon and PaperbackSwap.

For those of you who knit or are just nosey here is my stash at Ravelry.  I’m still updating it but it should be complete by tonight.

After I am finished with that I will move on to what is next on my list…my closet.  HELP!

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  1. I read the twilight series and LOVED it! I haven’t gotten into the other one. My friend said she’d let me borrow it if I want it. We’ll see. Your knitting is BEAUTIFUL btw. You’re so very talented!
    Enjoy your day,
    -D *ICLW

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