Infertility Story

I decided to sit down and write down a short version of what happened within the last few years. I did write a journal and much of the information comes from there. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what a “blog” was until around the time I found out I was pregnant.This is a brief summary of our infertility struggles. This cannot begin to describe what we as a couple went through trying to conceive our first child.

As of today, July 23, 2003, we have been trying to conceive for 2 years and 7 months…

My husband and I ,so far, are unable to conceive naturally. Because of the challenges we face as we try desperately to build our family, I have a deep personal understanding of the heartache and despair encountered by those who are infertile. I know that infertility is more than just a medical diagnosis; it is a major life crisis. Infertility is a curve thrown at you by life that no one anticipates, and that threatens a gaping hole in the future you imagined for yourself… I met H.L. in 1999 and after 11 months we were married on September 2, 2000. A few months after we wed we stopped all birth control. Both born into fertile families, we knew we would conceive within a few months. During the first year of marriage we went about our normal routine, trying to conceive was not our main goal yet. In July of 2000 H.L.’s job moved us to Houston, Texas from a small town in Louisiana. This is were our ttc journey really began. After several months off the birth control I noticed my periods were becoming few and far between. I didn’t think much about it, with the new marriage, moving, and leaving family behind I decided it was due to stress. After settling in our new city and home I gave myself a “deadline” to become pregnant. When that deadline came and went I decided to seek help through an OBGYN. She decided to start me on Provera and Clomid treatment and after 3 months of failed attempts it was time for her to send us to a specialist. We then went to the Houston IVF clinic where it seems hundreds of tests were ordered for me and my husband. Finally, I knew what was wrong with us. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) , was given a RX for Metformin, and then sent home to see what would happen. It was a wonder drug or so I thought at the time. My cycles returned to normal and according to the ClearPlan Fertility Monitor I was ovulating. After 8 months I was still not pregnant. My husband is fine and I’m ovulating why are we not expecting? That question has not been answered as of this day. Moving on…after the 8 months of waiting to see what would happen it was time to visit the Dr. again. We went for a “re-group” visit and decided to try Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) . Thinking that everything was ok, we were to come back when my period started for a baseline ultrasound to start Gonal-F, Hcg, and IUI. A few days later, my period came and I scheduled an appointment. When we got there, however, we had some frightening news. My Dr. had ordered a Cystic Fibrosis test and it came back positive for a mutation of Cystic Fibrosis. He wouldn’t start treatment until we made sure H.L. was negative. Since we were already there he decided to do an ultrasound. Again, more bad news, I had a 36mmX36mm cyst on my left ovary. We were again sent home to see “what would happen”. After 3 agonizing weeks waiting for H.L.’s Cystic Fibrosis test results to come back, we finally had good news. His test was negative meaning there is no chance of our children having Cystic Fibrosis. We scheduled another visit to check on my cyst and again more good news. The cyst had disappeared!! Finally we could start treatment…here are two adults terrified of needles embarking into a life of scheduled injections. The first shot was scary but we got through it. As we went along it was just part of our day. During the Gonal-F injections I went in for several ultrasounds and round of blood work. Things were not as good as they could have been. My estradiol levels were never over 310 and I had 2 mature follicles at 21mm & 19mm. We went in for the IUI and then back home to wait once again. Twelve days later my period came…the journey was not over. We decided to try once again with the same protocol, Gonal-F 150 iu per day, Pregnyl (hcg) 10,000 units, and IUI after 36 hours. My levels looked great this time, Estradiol was at 1007 on the day of hcg. Numerous follicles over 12mm with the leading follicle at 16mm. Once again, we were sent home to wait. Ten days later my period came and it was the most devastating day of my life this far. We are now starting part two of our trying to conceive journey. H.L. and I have decided we are not happy with our Dr and his decisions. We have made an appointment with a new Dr here in Houston by the name of Dr. Michael Allon. He is specialized in PCOS and Infertility. I hope he is our miracle worker.

August 5, 2003

Today H.L. & I had our appointment with Dr. Allon. He was great. He made us feel at ease and was very compassionate about our situation. He seems to think that we will get pregnant right away with his help. He added a few more medications and supplements to our regime. He added Fertility One supplement to HL and baby aspirin and Omega 3 to my list of meds. He also put both of us on an antibiotic to make sure neither of us have a bacterial infection. I have to go back in a few weeks for a physical exam and a vaginal culture to make sure there isn’t a bacterial infection present. So that means this cycle is a no go for fertility medications.

August 19, 2003

I went today for the Physical and i was still spotting due to my period coming a bit too early. The nurse said the lab may not take the pap but they would try if not I will have to go back again. We made another appointment for September 2nd to go over the results of the blood work and start a fertility protocol. Hopefully, my next cycle will stay on schedule and not come early. If it does that will mess up another cycle yet again.

September 25, 2003
We are almost ready to start another round of treatment. I just finished Yasmin 28 which is a birth control pill. Tomorrow I go in for my baseline ultrasound. If all is well I will begin my injections Saturday. This cycle we are doing 3 vials of Gonal F, then we will do Repronex, and finally the Hcg. I will also be on Progestrone supplements. I’m praying this is our miracle IUI!!! I’m very nervous about this cycle because I feel my Dr knows what he is doing. I hope we do not have another let down. Tomorrow I will post again and really update.

October 20, 2003

WoW! What a roller coaster ride we have been on this cycle. Luckily, things have went pretty well. I started my injections (gonal f and repronex) and they were not working too well. They were growing my follicles but my uterine lining was at a stand still. Dr. Allon rx’d me Viagra suppositories which is in an experimental phase for increasing uterine lining. IT WORKED! My uterine lining went to 10.2 and trigger. At the end of the injections I had 5 follicles. We did two inseminations at 16 & 36 hours. I was then sent home to wait it out. Of course when you are waiting to see if you are pregnant the wait seems forever. I waited until 8dpIUI to do a home pregnancy test. It was positive. I knew it could be from the hcg trigger shot so i started testing everyday until 13 days after the trigger. They say that is when it is suppose to be out of you system. I GOT A POSITIVE AT 12 DAYS AFTER TRIGGER. I’M PREGNANT!! I go Tuesday to get my beta done. I’m so excited. It has finally worked. HL and I are still in shock! Look below to see our pregnancy test.


Two very clear lines. Maybe now I can get over the Peeing On A Stick Syndrome (POAS).