Happy Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday full of gifts, notes & videos sent to me throughout the day. I’m so blessed to have such a loving husband & awesome kids to spoil me! As I look back over the years, it is truly amazing that I am able to celebrate this day as a mom.  I love Mother’s Day now for the simple fact that there was a time I hated to see it come. It took a lot for me to become a mother and although it is not something I dwell on anymore I have not forgotten.  The tests and treatments, the injections and procedures, and perhaps the worst, the waiting and uncertainty during those years are engraved upon my memory. I went through 3 IUI cycles to become pregnant with my first daughter and during that pregnancy lost a twin.  Then years later went though 4 IVF cycles to conceive our second daughter again suffering a loss during the journey.  Last year we welcomed a miracle baby boy conceived a la natural (imagine our surprise!).  So for me it is a well deserved day of celebration. A celebration of hope, love, diligence & life for which I am so very grateful.

necklace  The only thing that could have made this day more special is if I could have spent it with my mom.  Soon though, very soon.

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

Be Still My Heart er Stomach

Dubai hosted it’s 5th annual Chilli Crab Festival this weekend at the Madinat Jumeriah and I knew I had to go. I called up a few friends to join us and we headed out.
Singaporean Chilli Crab is one of those dishes that you fall in love with.  The recipe consists of a spicy tomato base, soy, vinegar, sugar & a beaten egg.

There are a few restaurants in Dubai that carry this dish on the menu but they are mediocre compared to this dishes in Singapore. Once we arrived we realized quickly it was not really a festival but more like an outdoor restaurant.  The chefs were busily preparing the dishes street vendor style.


We found a table and was handed the menu.  Thankfully for H.L., who is not a fan of crab, the menu included Dim Sum & stir fried noodles as well.  We placed our orders and waited. We didn’t know exactly what to expect because it is Dubai after all and things sometimes are not what they appear.  Imagine our surprise when the crab arrived to our table!

It was delicious! We were in heaven as all of us have traveled to Singapore and dined on the real thing. The traditional bun they served was overcooked but oh the crab made up for it!


Easter in Dubai

Yesterday we celebrated our 3rd Easter in Dubai.  We woke up to gifts from the Easter bunny (Thanks Mom!) and spent the afternoon at Emirates Golf Club.  We had a nice brunch while the kids enjoyed face painting, the Easter Bunny, a small egg hunt and, of course, candy. Harper amazes me at her openness to any and all around her. She went right up to that scary Easter Bunny and asked me to take her picture.  Makinlee at that age was terrified of the Easter Bunny (and Santa!) but not our Bun Bun The Middle One!


That afternoon we went swimming and while we were in the pool this poor little pigeon came by for a drink.  There are so many birds in Dubai and I’ve always wondered how they survived specifically during the summer months. Duh! The swimming pools!  I’m sure drinking the chlorinated water shortens their life spans, poor little guys.  The level of water in our pool was a several inches below normal so he could not reach the water from the side. He tried and tried but just couldn’t. He flew around and came back multiple times. During one of his fly overs I gave the girls the water hose and they started making puddles for him around the pool.  It was so sweet yet so heartbreaking when he came in for his next landing.  He was so relieved to finally have water.  He drank for a long time and then laid down in the cool water. The girls were only inches from him so it makes me wonder if he was a pet at one point.  After he drank his fill he left and didn’t return.  We keep bird food out for mainly the green parrots but now we try to keep the pool at a level the birds can drink from. I need to get a bird bath but they are quiet expensive here.  To end our day, we spent a couple of hours Skyping with my mom, uncle and aunts.  My mom made a trip to her brother’s house in south Louisiana for the Easter holiday.  They have faster internet service in their home so we took advantage of it.  It was nice to sit around and talk to everyone without worrying about the phone bill!  I’m sure it was a nice treat for mom to actually see the kids especially Greyson crawling around! All in all we had a great day. Sure, it was a little different than our celebration back home but isn’t that what this lifestyle is all about?

Happy Easter Everyone!