Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving my friends.


We’ve Moved!

We got our walking orders to go back to the US. None of us were too pleased but we pulled up our boot straps and headed to Houston.

Oh and we bought a house…

Right now that house is being painted and we hope to move in the second week of Decebmer.  This move has been the most frightening of all. Going home, buyig a house & car. Debt! Budget!  Expat life is over for now but I know our time will come again. Until then, bring it on Houston!


Happy Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday full of gifts, notes & videos sent to me throughout the day. I’m so blessed to have such a loving husband & awesome kids to spoil me! As I look back over the years, it is truly amazing that I am able to celebrate this day as a mom.  I love Mother’s Day now for the simple fact that there was a time I hated to see it come. It took a lot for me to become a mother and although it is not something I dwell on anymore I have not forgotten.  The tests and treatments, the injections and procedures, and perhaps the worst, the waiting and uncertainty during those years are engraved upon my memory. I went through 3 IUI cycles to become pregnant with my first daughter and during that pregnancy lost a twin.  Then years later went though 4 IVF cycles to conceive our second daughter again suffering a loss during the journey.  Last year we welcomed a miracle baby boy conceived a la natural (imagine our surprise!).  So for me it is a well deserved day of celebration. A celebration of hope, love, diligence & life for which I am so very grateful.

necklace  The only thing that could have made this day more special is if I could have spent it with my mom.  Soon though, very soon.

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!